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Memberships/ Subscriptions Options

Weekend Warrior



  • See the in depth video of the full build 
  • New episodes are released each week 
  • Extra social media content including additional photos and video 
  • Member only live feed of racing events when available 
  • Private Patron Community  

Shade-tree Builder




  • In depth how and why of each modification install
  • Build Troubleshooting with the lead mechanic
  • Custom fabrication work 
  • All Dyno Pulls and changes explained for each one
  • Plus previous levels benefits 

Professional Mechanic




  • Builders talk aspiring professionals through the tools they need for a full build
  • Tuning tech talk with Mike Carnahan of Vengeance PCM as available
  • Unedited video outtake madness
  • Plus all previous levels benefits 

Advanced Memberships/ Subscription Options


True Enthusiast


  •  Come see a full build of a vehicle once a quarter with the build team as schedule and vehicles allow 
  •  5-15% (depending on parts) discount through our partners
  • Plus all previous level benefit


All In!!!


  • Come ride with a racer and learn their tips and tricks
  • Plus all previous levels benefits