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About The EmPowered Project



Car enthusiasts are passionate about their vehicles. We put time, money and effort into creating and maintaining greatness in the cars we own and build. What if we could harness some of that passion to make a difference in the world and not just show off our cars? 



We believe that we can make a difference in others lives using our passion for cars as the empowering medium to facilitate that difference. Through events, gatherings, fund-raising, shows, races and other things we will change the lives of those in need.



A place to belong that brings people together using the automobile with fun, shows, races, social media, and other various gatherings that showcase performance



We use cars as our medium to give back to the world directly around us in need. For each event, sale and donation we use a portion of the proceeds to give to a hand selected charity that is personal and not just to a large faceless charity organization. 

Support Our Cause

Your support through charitable donations will enable us to walk out the mission and vision of using our passions for cars to facilitate positive change in peoples lives. Your generous monthly and one time donations change lives. Donations are through our non-profit arm "Project Live Love Lead" is a 501c3. These donations are separate from our membership options and will not count toward a membership.Donations made here are tax deductible.

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We are very excited to offer these membership to you. We are constantly preparing new episodes and video footage for your enjoyment, education and entertainment. Our commitment is to continually provide quality, in depth  footage of full car builds through our partners.

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